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Kick appeal.


New member
  1. In-Game Name/Steam Name: 309 | Lee C.
  2. Steam Link URL:
  3. Discord Name: Caden#3665
  4. Discord ID: 814273768859631616
  5. Was the punishment a warn, kick, or ban? Kick
  6. Date of Punishment: 02/04/2023
  7. Reason for Punishment: Failure to change name.
  8. Did you commit the offense that you were kicked for? Yes.
  9. Why do you believe the punishment should be removed? Add evidence below. I had decided to leave LASD within cado, I had my roles removed and I was no longer a LASD sheriff. I had joined the server again later that day, with my old callsign as I had forgot to change back (this was about 30 minutes after I left LASD), I was staff sit within a minute if not less of joining and told to change my name by Blitz R, i said okay and that I would do it when I log off, he got upset and told me to do it now or “else”, I replied “it’s not that big of a deal” and he immediately kicked me.


Matthew J.

Good Morning/Evening,

I'd like to inform you that your appeal submission for: CADOJRP Kick Appeal has been Accepted.
Upon review of this acceptance, we're trusting you to please follow the rules within the main server accordingly, and removing this punishment.