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Kick appeal (Still can't make kick appeal)


New member
In-Game Name/Steam Name: 312 | Smith M./Original Name
Steam Link URL:
Discord Name: 312 | Smith M.
Discord ID: 972348350814904321
Was the punishment a warn, kick, or ban? Kick
Date of Punishment: 1/30/2023
Reason for Punishment: Gta Driving VDM
Did you commit the offense that you were warned for? Yes

Why do you believe the punishment should be removed? Add evidence below. I don't exactly remember what happened considering this was almost 4 months ago, But all i know is that i truly regret my actions and whatever i did i stopped doing that and i haven't gotten in trouble since then with gta driving or vdm. I've improved my roleplays and improved as a person in total.

Matthew J.

Good Morning/Evening,

I'd like to inform you that your appeal submission for: CADOJRP Kick Appeal has been Accepted.
Upon review of this acceptance, we're trusting you to please follow the rules within the main server accordingly, and removing this punishment.